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Tom Nevers

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Aerial View of Tom Nevers Pond

("View of Tom Nevers Pond" by Filosoph is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0)

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Who was Tom Nevers? 

Legend has it that Tom Nevers was an Indian who worked with the English settlers to manage a whale lookout on the southeast side of the island. For a time it was also a train depot. There once was a railroad from Town to 'Sconset with a "spur" line to Tom Nevers.

These days the area called Tom Nevers is home to many year-round residents as well as summer folks looking for a wonderful Nantucket Vacation.  It's near a beach that spans 5 ½ miles. With almost 68 acres under conservation, it affords lots of peace and quiet, with none of the hustle and bustle of downtown.


Stairs leading down to Tom Nevers beach. Balcony view of Tom Nevers area in Nantucket. Houses by Tom Nevers beach.



Fence bordering a sandy beach

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