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Knowing When to Sell Your Home

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, you know it can be hard to decide on exactly when to list it on the market. Our Jordan Real Estate team professionals share a common commitment: to provide you with the finest service. We use a multi-faceted marketing plan, involving the Internet, printed materials, and direct mailings to advertise your listing, so your home is in the best possible hands. This will allow you to take advantage of listing your home and better your chances of selling quickly and for maximum profit.

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Planning When to sell your Nantucket homeListen to the Market

Selling your home is best in a seller’s market. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, real estate sales have been higher than ever. Buyers are looking to spread out, away from cities and into surrounding communities, which has created a lack of inventory. There are currently more people wanting to buy than there are homes on the market for sale. Listing your home during a seller’s market means you are more likely to receive multiple offers and bids for your home. Strategically listing your home may create a bidding war that will drive up your home's selling price.

Life Changes

It may be time to sell your home when you’ve had major life changes. Changes to your family structure can influence the decision to sell. If your family has grown and more nieces and nephews are visiting your Nantucket property, it may be time to upgrade the size of your home. It makes sense to downgrade if your family has gotten smaller, and you want to decrease the cost of utilities and maintenance that are associated with a larger property. Other life changes can influence your decision to sell as well. Be honest with yourself about if your property is meeting your current life needs.

Emotional Readiness

Selling your home can be an emotional process. Many memories were made in your home. You know it’s time to sell your home when you can relish the memories and let the property go with peace in your heart. Selling your home opens up an exciting new chapter in your life that begins with saying goodbye.

Financial Preparation

Laying out your finances can provide clarity on if it’s time to sell your home. If you can no longer afford your current property's payments and maintenance costs, it would be a good time to sell. Keep in mind that selling your home makes you more money than it costs, but be prepared to pay closing costs, like a listing agent’s commission. You should plan and have funds available for these expected costs.

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Contact Jordan Real Estate for more information about selling your property on Nantucket Island. Jordan Real Estate is the place to go if you want your Nantucket home priced accurately to sell quickly. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable agents today!

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