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How To Sell Your Home In The Winter

House In the winter in NantucketDeciding to sell your home in the winter months can be a challenge in certain situations, but proper planning can make the process quick, easy, and profitable. Winter is typically slower for the real estate market, although people are always seeking their next dream home regardless of the season. This also means that there is less competition with fewer houses being sold at this time, increasing your probability to attract potential buyers. Selling your home in the winter months should not be a harder process, but you must understand it takes a different approach to make selling your home in the winter a success. Jordan Real Estate has outlined the important steps on how to properly sell your home in winter.

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Shovel, and Shovel Again

One simple, yet crucial step to showing off your property is to make sure all snow is removed from the property walkways and driveways. Curb appeal not only speaks to the looks of your home but its accessibility as well. This is also a good opportunity to make sure your yard is maintained and free of debris or unnecessary items. 

Create Comfort

Homebuyers in the wintertime are typically rushing to get in the door during an open house or private showing, due to the inclement weather. Winter on Nantucket is no exception to cold temperatures, so make sure your home is as comforting and inviting as possible. Stage your home to create a warm ambiance, in a literal and figurative sense. Set the mood by decorating the interior with comfort in mind. Setting the mood will ensure those who tour your home will feel at home, making it feel like a place they can call home.

Light The Way

Be sure to have your property illuminated and shining bright. Having all walkways visible will make sure potential buyers can safely browse your home. Having your home lit up will allow potential buyers to be able to see the curb appeal of your home and bring attention to the many features of your property. Winter months have shorter spans of daylight and it gets dark faster. Be sure to light the exterior of your home to make it stand out from neighboring properties and be the focal point of the street. 

The Warmer, The Better

Regardless of where you live, having your home be at a comfortable temperature will keep the attention of potential buyers on the home and maximize the time they spend inside while touring the property. Having your home at an appropriate temperature is even more important in colder climates, specifically Nantucket. If you have a fireplace in your home, make sure it is functioning properly and lit for when your home is being shown. This will add to the comfort of your home and provide another heat source. It is important to take the proper precautions before listing your home for sale, to ensure it is as insulated and efficient as possible. Block any drafts and seal all window sills before showing the property. 

Sell Your Nantucket Home With Jordan Real Estate

You can do many things to easily make your home more welcoming to potential buyers during the winter months. Be sure to contact Jordan Real Estate to learn more about the home selling process, and how we can help.

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