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("Low Tide at Pocomo Point" by Ethan Oringel is licensed under CC BY-2.0)

Pocomo is located about 7 miles from Town on the way to Wauwinet. It is a small peninsula that faces back towards town, affording beautiful vistas of Coatue, Pocomo Harbor, Great Point Lighthouse and Nantucket Town.  The protected and calm water makes it a great place for a Nantucket vacation home.

The prevailing wind makes it an ideal location for sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding -- which takes a lot of talent!  There are no lifeguards or amenities so please prepare for that. The beaches are perfect for strolling, beach combing and exploring this quiet area of the island.

Sail boats by Pocomo Point Beach.


View from the water near Pocomo on Nantucket Island.