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Ocean view during sunset in Madaket, MA

("Sunset at Madaket Beach" by Ethan Oringel is licensed under CC BY 2.0)

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Endless beaches greet spectacular sunsets on Nantucket's west end, about 8 miles from town.

Whether you get there using the NRTA (Nantucket’s public transportation) or on a bike, the effort is well worth it. Madaket Beach has parking, lifeguards, and strong surf. The fishermen on the island have a long history of surfcasting from the shoreline.

One of the absolute "must do's" during your Nantucket Vacation is to see the sunset in Madaket!

Smith Point is at the very western point of the island, which you can drive to during certain times of the year. The Piping Plovers nest near that point so driving may be restricted.

Millie's Restaurant is named after Mildred Carpenter Jewet, whose nickname was Madaket Mille. She was a volunteer for the USCG and is credited with several lifesaving rescues. The restaurant is a great place to get takeout and watch that magical sunset.

Madaket beach at Dusk on Nantucket Island. Boats near Madaket. Evening fishing on Madaket Beach.



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