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Hummock Pond

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Sanford Farm is the cornerstone of the wonderful walking trails that are within the Hummock Pond area of Nantucket Island. The 780-acre parcel of land was first put together by the founding fathers of the island to ensure open grazing lands for cows, goats, and sheep. The efforts of many forward-thinking islanders, as well as Nantucket summer vacationers, have ensured that this open space will be forever protected from development.  It is jointly owned by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the Nantucket Land Bank.

This is a must for all walking enthusiasts (dogs are welcome) and cyclists. The trails are all well marked and include three main walks:

The Northern Loop (1.7 miles) goes south from the trailhead and turns back toward The North Head of Hummock Pond.

The Barn Walk (3.1 miles) goes about halfway to the water from the trailhead and comes back around at the barn.

The Ocean Walk (6 miles) begins at the trailhead to the southern shoreline of the island and loops back. 


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