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Beach stairs leading to Steps beach - Cliff MA

("Steps Beach, Nantucket" by Kindra Clineff/MOTT is licensed under CC BY-ND)

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Tupancy Links

Located on Cliff Road there are 73 acres that used to be part of a 9-hole golf course, the first one established on the island in 1921. In those days the owners used over two hundred sheep and a few goats as groundskeepers for the course.

The course was closed indefinitely in 1953. Following several transactions between 1976 and 1983, Sallie and Oswald Tupancy donated the property to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and is now known as Tuppancy Links. The land now reaches from Cliff Road all the way to Nantucket sound.


Steps Beach

At the top of Lincoln Circle, located between two large estates, is a staircase that will lead you down to Steps beach. It's the perfect spot for families to enjoy a tranquil beach day during their Nantucket vacation.

Other Things To Do

Spectacular properties dot the cliffs affording fabulous views of Nantucket sound and the Nantucket harbor.

A new bike path was built in 2014 through the cliff area to connect it with the path out to Madaket.

Something Natural Sandwich shop is a Nantucket landmark. The store opened sometime in the 1970s and has long been a local favorite ever since.



Fence bordering a sandy beach

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