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Where To Stay On Nantucket: A List Of The Best Nantucket Hotels

If you're contemplating a move to the picturesque island of Nantucket, it's crucial to get a feel for the place first. What better way to do that than to stay in some of the island's top hotels? Today, we'll be your guide to the best places you can lodge while you explore this potential new home.

1. The Wauwinet

The Wauwinet is an idyllic retreat on Nantucket's northeastern shore. This hotel offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle, allowing you to experience the peaceful charm that makes Nantucket so appealing. With its private beaches and stunning views, The Wauwinet provides a taste of the tranquil life you could enjoy on the island.

2. White Elephant

Located on Nantucket's Brant Point, the White Elephant is a historic hotel that exudes elegance and luxury. Its close proximity to downtown Nantucket makes it a perfect base for exploring the town's cobbled streets, boutiques, and restaurants. Staying here will give you an insight into the vibrant community spirit that Nantucket is known for.

3. Jared Coffin House

If history is your passion, the Jared Coffin House offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Nantucket's rich past. Built in 1845 by one of the island's most successful ship owners, this hotel retains much of its original character, providing a glimpse into the island's seafaring heritage.

4. Nantucket Hotel & Resort

For a family-friendly option, look no further than the Nantucket Hotel & Resort. With its heated pools, kids' programs, and spacious guest rooms, it's the ideal place for families to get a feel for the laid-back Nantucket lifestyle. Plus, its central location makes it easy to explore the island's attractions.

5. The Cottages at Nantucket Boat Basin

If you're considering a waterfront property, why not experience seafront living at The Cottages at Nantucket Boat Basin? These charming cottages offer stunning harbor views and give you a sense of the island's love affair with the ocean.

6. 76 Main

For a boutique hotel experience, 76 Main is an excellent choice. Located on Nantucket's main street, this small but stylish hotel offers a contemporary feel while still retaining the island's traditional charm. It's a great place to stay if you're interested in the bustling life of the island's town center.

7. Union Street Inn

The Union Street Inn, located in the historic district of Nantucket town, offers a blend of classic elegance and modern comfort. It's a stone's throw away from the Whaling Museum and other cultural attractions, making it a great base for soaking up Nantucket's rich history.

While these hotels offer a snapshot of life on Nantucket, nothing compares to owning your own slice of island paradise. Whether you're drawn to the peaceful shores of Wauwinet, the vibrant energy of downtown Nantucket, or the historic charm of the Jared Coffin House, Jordan Real Estate can help you find your dream home on this beautiful island.

Remember, a visit to Nantucket isn't just a vacation - it's a preview of your future life. So why not make the most of it by staying in some of the island's top hotels? Want to know more? Contact Jordan Real Estate to find out all about life on Nantucket. 

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