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Nantucket Island; Where is it, and how do I visit?

Nantucket Island; Where is it, and how do I visit?

Nantucket has a remarkable number of supporters despite its small size as an island. Many people who visit throughout the summer do so year after year, often for many generations. However, there is something to be said about venturing into unfamiliar territory. We are going to review some fundamental information for those of you who have less experience with the island. Continue reading to find out more about the geography of Nantucket, its history, and what you might anticipate finding on the island during your first trip there!

Where is Nantucket located?

The position of Nantucket is one of the many factors that contribute to the island's allure. The island has a length of 14 miles and a width of 3-5 miles, and it is located 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Our island and the mainland are separated by Nantucket Sound, although the Atlantic Ocean is adjacent to all of the other beaches of our territory. If you keep heading east for a long enough period of time, you might not strike land again until you reach Europe!

Because it is not simple to reach, it may be inferred that everyone who has arrived at its beaches did so after exerting a great deal of effort. You can fly into the state's second-busiest airport if you want to get there quickly. Bumper stickers may be found affixed to automobiles all around the world bearing the airport code ACK. There is also the option of taking a passenger ferry from the following ports: Hyannis, Massachusetts; New Bedford, Massachusetts; New York City, New York; Highlands, New Jersey; Harwich Port, Massachusetts; and Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.



How did we get here?

Nantucket was initially formed when a large sheet of glacial ice covered the area many years in the past. When the glacier reached its greatest extent eastward, it deposited boulders and other debris at the terminal moraine, which is also known as the edge of the glacier. When the glacier melted and the water levels rose, what was left behind was the shape of the island that we are acquainted with today!

Because of the history of glaciation, the land that surrounds our beaches has lovely dunes, which are more properly referred to as coastal banks.

What is Nantucket known for?

Nantucket was widely regarded as the whaling center of the globe for almost a century. That's quite an accomplishment for a stretch of sand that's only 100 square miles wide! Nantucketers first started venturing overseas in the early years of the 18th century in quest of the sperm whale. By the early 1800s, they were setting out on journeys that may last up to five years. During this time period, whale oil was extremely precious and necessary for lighting homes and other buildings. Because of this, those who were able to survive a significant number of expeditions typically went on to become affluent whaling captains.

Nantucket in the 19th century also had a prosperous economy that was driven by women. During the time that their husbands were abroad, the women of Nantucket took over the management of the local businesses, earning Centre Street the nickname "Petticoat Row."


Today, you may shop on Petticoat Row, walk on the same cobblestone walkways, stay in a mansion that once belonged to a whaling captain, and visit the original Quaker Meeting House can be seen on Fair Street, and a large number of the early Nantucket residents and whalers belonged to the Quaker faith.

Why should you make the trip?

Over 80 miles of sandy shoreline may be found on the island of Nantucket. And with the exception of the Cliffside Beach Club, each and every one of them is open to the general public! Therefore, seize a book and a comfortable chair, and when the temperature rises, go for a swim. Guests who are looking for a holiday with a bit more excitement can purchase a Nantucket Beach Permit, deflate their tires, and then drive out on a thin spit of sand to the northeastern tip of our island.

In addition to this, we have an excellent assortment of stores and restaurants, many of which are located only a few feet away from the old cobblestones that line Main Street. Check out the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce for a great list of restaurants and shops.  Therefore, whether you want to catch fish, work on your tan, or indulge in a little retail therapy, Nantucket provides a little bit for everyone.

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