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Blog :: 04-2019

Where to stay for the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival? 2020 and beyond!

“For over twenty years, the Nantucket Wine & Food Festival has brought distinguished winemakers and chefs together for a world-class epicurean celebration. 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, this unique setting creates the backdrop for what has become one of the most celebrated events of its kind in the world. Over the course of five days, the island comes alive with prestigious tastings, lunches, dinners and educational seminars. Our luminaries are an extraordinary group of winemakers, chefs, sommeliers and presenters who contribute to the understated elegance of our festival.”

Nantucket Rentals for Wine & Food Festival

The above can be credited to the Nantucket Wine Festival website and does a great job of summarizing this wonderful event. The expo takes place just as the summer season kicks in here on the island and that can make finding a rental tricky if you don’t plan ahead. The first day of the event is May 13th. Thankfully at Jordan Real Estate we manage a wide variety of Nantucket vacation rental properties. Many of these properties have minimum stays of one week however some of them have shorter minimum stays of one to three days. Let’s take a look at a couple of properties we have that may work for anyone searching for a shorter stay.

We have some BEAUTIFUL short term rentals available for the Nantucket Wine Festival weekend - Click Here

If you’re coming to Nantucket for a longer stay of a week we have a very large inventory of rentals that can be searched by clicking on the "Rental" banner above. We hope that you find a place that works for you to enjoy the Nantucket Wine Festival and all the event has to offer!


Running and Cycling on Nantucket

Planning a trip to Nantucket but you’re worried about where you can run and ride? Nantucket has an amazing network of trails, bike paths and running routes so don’t you worry! For many people being active while away is a big part of choosing a vacation destination. We get it and Nantucket is the perfect place for you. Home to Nantucket Velo, The Nantucket Triathlon and many running road races.

Here are is the official trail and bike path map. As you can see there is an entire network of paved paths and unpaved trails. This does not include the numerous paths and trails on the conservation land all over the island. Here is a link to some fantastic maps and information on the Nantucket Conservation Foundation website. Bring a camera or your cell phone you will want to snap a photo of some of these amazing views!

Thanks to the power of MapMyRuns we also have linked you to a list of over 56 different Running Routes on the island which you can filter by distance! Click here to get over to that page directly.

Are you looking to ride your bike on Nantucket? You can always bring your own over but if that is too much of a headache you can rent all different types from our friends over at Nantucket Bike Shop.


– The Jordan Real Estate Team



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Spring has Sprung


One of the signs that spring has sprung is the increase in Nantucket Real Estate Sales inventory.  Many sellers opt to unlist their properties for the winter.  This is due to the off season for tourism, as well as homes being closed down for the winter.  But it starts to smell like Spring and suddenly there’s a lot for sale.

We’ve had a lot of questions about the rental market this year.  What I’ve noticed is that during the off season, the rental market comes and goes in waves.  Right when the Steamship puts the car ferry tickets on sale everyone starts thinking about their Nantucket getaway.  After that initial flurry of rentals come in we go into a few dormant weeks.  Another wave occurs around tax time when folks get their tax returns.  A third wave hits when Spring officially arrives.  I don’t mean arrives on the calendar, I mean when the sun starts to feel warm on your skin, and the daffodils are in full bloom and it feels like summer is right around the corner.  There have been many questions on the effect of the new rental tax.  I think it might be a little early to tell.  I think next season we will have a better take on how the tax has effected the rental market.  The fact is… it has to be paid.  Uncle Sam doesn’t do negotiations.